Seated double full cock clay trap

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Brand: GDK
Product Code: DT500

What does 'Full Cock' mean?
Full cock means you need to fully cock the throwing arm all the way round to the release system. This trap does require a bit of strength. If you are looking to have your son/daughter/wife to operate the trap, we would advise purchasing our 3/4 cock model


Using this amazing trap, you can throw single clays or stacked doubles, having 2-4 targets in the air every time!

Throws all five targets as singles or stacked doubles (standard, midi, mini, auto rabbit, battue)

This trap is fitted with a 3 pivot mount, which allows you to change the direction, left right, up down and also getting the throwing arm into a rabbit. 
There is a wobbler 3 pivot mount which is a free movement joint. 

Trap made with steel and aluminum materials for years of durability

The weight of this trap is 22KGS

The item will be delivered flatpacked, and will come with tools and instructions.

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