8-10 Gun cabinet, shotgun, rifle safe, inner ammo safe

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  • Brand: GDK
  • Product Code: 8-19 gun cabinet
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8-10 gun cabinet with a side ammunition safe. 



Height 1450mm
Width  500mm
Depth 300mm

Height under the ammo safe 1300mm - Extra tall for long barrelled guns.




~ All side steel thickness: 2mm
~ Door steel thickness: 3mm 
~ Anti crow bar door system, door inset into the frame of the cabinet by 1.5cm

~ Equipped with 2 key (with 2 spare), 7 asymmetrical, double bitted, lever locks.
~ 2 x 7 Lever key locks
~ 8 gun memory foam gun rack, to ensure careful storage of your rifles/shotguns.

~ 4 wall mount fixings, and 4 predrilled holes.
~ Internal key locking ammo safe

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