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260 target, Black pheasant clay pigeon trap

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Our Black pheasant automatic clay pigeon trap, holds 260 standard clay targets. This ultra light weight, high performance clay pigeon trap is ideal for clubs, group shooters and private individuals due to its high performing features and great price. This machine can be upgraded to be a simulated game clay pigeon trap, by adding the Large wobbler kit.

~ 2 Second recock time
~ Holds 260 Clay targets
~ 0-45 degress aerial throw
~ Options to add the wobbler kit, trolley, wireless remote controls and more..


Black Pheasant clay trap

~This clay pigeon trap will hold 260 standard clays, perfect for clubs and group shooters.

~Aluminum (black painted) Aviation plate for consistant target placement

~The throwing distance is 75-90m, this can be derestricted for beginners.

~Ultra smooth and efficient foot pedal release with a 12m cable. Can be extended by adding a 2 core cable extension. A popular upgrade is to a wireless system.

~This trap has an adjustable angle (up/down) of 0-45 degree.

~This machine will only currently take standard clays.

~Weight 35kgs (without clays)

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