GDK Green MP3 electronic ear defender, shooting

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Green MP3 shooting electronic ear defender

The GDK Mp3 electronic ear defender has outstanding features to make this the complete option for your shooting ear protection. 

~ Extra Thick padded headband - Extreme comfort whilst shooting

 ~Folded design - Great for storing the ear defenders without causing damage

~ 6 x sound amplification - hear a rustle in the bush 6 x louder, or your annoying friend next to you. The microphones cut off when the gun is shot. The microphone will also cut off with any sound over 82DB

~ 1 size fits all ~ Height adjustable headband to accommodate all head sizes. 

~ AUX plug - plug your phone / MP3 player into the hear defender to listen to music.

Additional information

Slimline design, only 1.5" inch thick

requires 4 x AAA batteries. 

Each ear has an on / off switch to control the microphone.

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