Double arm automatic clay trap 12v

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The GDK double arm auto clay pigeon trap offers the very best in design and performance. With an option of throwing single clay targets, or true doubles, this machine can do the job of 2 clay pigeon traps. If you also chose the wobbler kit attachment, you can have a spread of 4-6 clays in the air at one time.

Our double arm auto clay trap is suitable for private individuals looking for a great clay trap, or clay clubs with regular use.


Target capacity         58

Throwing distance    70 Meters  as a single, or 55 Meters as a double

Elevation                   0-45 degrees

Clay Type                 Standard only

Clay Feed Type        Clay drops onto throwing arm

Powered by              12 volt battery (not included in the sale)

Warranty                   2 year warranty

Clay size                   Throws standard clays only

Weight                      24kg



Although this clay pigeon trap has 2 throwing arms, it can also throw singles. Just load 1 clay stack rather than the 2.


Synchronised clay dropping system to ensure the clay drops onto the throwing arms precisely each time.

~New design throwing arms with aerodynamic feature

~2 Second recock time (1-6 clays in the air at one time)

~LED battery low indication light

~Throwing arm safety pin, to stop the throwing arm from rotating in emergencies.

~Comes with a safety ring hoop which shows you where the throwing arm will rotate round.

GDK Clay traps have designed 3 safety features on this clay pigeon trap;

1) Disarm mode - The motor has a backward drive to safety de-cock the spring under tention.
2) Safety pin - In the event of a fault, a safety pin can be placed before the throwing arm to stop the arm from firing.
3) Safety ring - An orange hoop and 2 metal spindles are provided with every GDK Machine, so you know where the throwing arm will rotate round.


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