Wobbler kit and trolley combo

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Wobbler kit with trolley combo. Includes fixing kit to mount the wobbler kit to the trolley. 


Wobbler kit Specification

Our Wobbler kit is an ABT & DLT movement board which creates random throwing angles up,down,left and right, or just left and right movement.

This wobbler kit is designed for the below GDK Clay traps


or any of the following branded machines under 50kgs

Promatic,Laporte,bowman,acorn etc..

2 Settings available: 
Down The Line (Left and Right movement only)
ABT Ball trap (up down left right random movement.)

This wobbler kit will also fit other clay pigeon trap brands, as long as your trap machine is under 55kgs (including targets) 

If you are unsure, please email us with your trap model, and we will advise if it is compatible.


Trolley specification

Base Plate 

Length 400mm
Width 400mm

Front tyres = 8"inch
Rear Tyres = 15"inch

This trolley has been designed to turn a 2 wheeled trolley, into a 4 wheeled trolley in a minute. convert kit which bolts 2 wheels on the front of the trolley.
If you would like to order the 4 wheel attachment, please tick the box 4 Wheel attachment.

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