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Black pheasant pro clay pigeon trap

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  • Brand: GDK
  • Product Code: WP1, 260 clay trap
  • Price: £599.99

Black pheasant clay pigeon trap

The GDK black pheasant pro clay pigeon trap is a perfect allrounder clay trap. With its fast recock time, and adjustable throwing distance, it is perfect for beginners, intermediate, or advanced clay shooters. Our black quail is suitable for private individuals looking for a great clay trap, or clay clubs / group shooters with regular use.



Target capacity         260

Throwing distance    80-90m

Elevation                   0-45 degrees

Clay Type                 Standard only

Clay Feed Type        Front and rear knife separator

Powered by              12 volt battery (not included in the sale)

Warranty                   2 year warranty

Clay size                   Throws standard clays only

Weight                      35kg


3 Second recocking always have 2 targets in the air at one time

This trap will launch the targets 60-90 meters which is controlled by the spring adjuster.

Angle adjustment up and down from 0-45 degrees

The GDK Black pheasant clay trap is an electric 12V machine which is foot operated. 1 Push of the foot pedal will fire 1 target into the air, however, if you hold the foot pedal down, the machine will continuously fire clays until released.
This machines comes with a 6M Cable, however you can add optional extension cables, or wireless hand remote controls to get into different positions.
This machine can from up to 3 targets in the air at one time.


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