3/4 Self cocking triangular clay pigeon trap

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Our GDK easy cocking mounted manual clay pigeon trap is a unique design which works on a 3 pivot mount system to place the throwing arm in any angle. This trap can throw any sized clay in any position. With our one way clutch bearing, the throwing arm will recock three quarters of the way for you, making recocking ultra fast and easy.

Mounting System:         Triangular mounted, comes with 3 ground spikes

Target capacity              Singles or Stacked doubles

Throwing distance        80 - 90 Metres

Elevation                        Flat to Verticle

Clay Type                      Standards, Midi's, Mini's, Battue, Rabbits

Warranty                        3 year warranty

Weight                           12kg

Pivot Mount                   3 Pivot mount to allow the throwing to move in any angle. High / low, left, right, left/right tilt for springing teals / rabbits.

Clay Clamp                   Adjustable clay clamp to allow you to change the position of the clay on the throwing arm, and change the height from singles to                        
                                        stacked doubles.




Throw rabbits, high teal, quartering pheasant, stacked doubles etc...

With the 3/4 self cocking system you will be able to throw clays one after the other without feeling tired.


Product features 

~This trap will throw a single clay 90M or stacked doubles 60M (2 clays)

~ One way clutch bearings, makes the throwing arm recock 3/4 of the way for you.

~ quick pull release lever.

~ Throws all five targets as singles or stacked doubles 
(standard, midi, mini, auto rabbit, battue)

~ Sliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction change

~3 pivot mounts allows you to throw targets in any direction, Rabbit targets, teals, high/low/left/right a trap that does EVERYTHING!

~ Trap made with steel and aluminum materials for years of durability

~This trap will come flat packed with basic tools and instruction manuals provided. 

~Weight: 8kgs


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