300m radio wireless foot pedal

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Have a GDK clay trap and want to get in all kinds of different positions around the clay trap, completely hands free??

GDK have developed our standard 30m wireless foot pedal into a super 300m radio release foot pedal system!!

Suitable for all GDK Clay pigeon traps.

You can use this remote set with other branded machines if you rewire the plugs.



trees / high / low ground will not restrict your signal!!!


What will you receive in the pack?

1 x radio receiver  (plugs into the trap and links up to the 12v battery)

1 x wireless foot pedal

1 x heavy duty aerial box for wireless foot pedal.

Instructions for use

Step 1: Unplug your standard foot pedal release. 

Step 2: plug the receiver male plug into the female clay trap plug, link the crocodile clips to the same 12v battery as your clay trap is running off. A red LED light will glow when power is connected.

Step 3: screw the black aerial into the metal aerial box, plug the foot pedal cable into the metal aerial box.. you are ready to shoot. 

A Red LED light will glow when you press the foot pedal down. the clay trap will then launch a clay. 

If you hold your foot on the pedal, the clay trap will continuously fire.

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